Ballerinas Take a New Approach: Talking

_September 17th _

The New York City Ballet is trying to turn a formal art into a friendlier experience for the audience.

Documentary? Better Call It Performance Art

August_ 17th_

Casey Affleck said his new movie, “I’m Still Here,” was performance, including Joaquin Phoenix’s appearance on David Letterman.

I.B.M.: Africa Is the Next Growth Frontier

July 17th

A big I.B.M. contract to supply technology for a major cellphone carrier underlines the company’s growth strategy in Africa.

Google Ventures Hires an Entrepreneur-in-Residence

June 17th

Craig Walker, who co-founded the company that became Google Voice, will build a new start-up at Google. Releases iPhone Streaming App

May 17th, a Web site that enables personal streaming channels, is hoping to expand its offerings with a new free iPhone application.

Diaspora, the Open Facebook Alternative, Releases Its Code

April 17th

Diaspora, an open alternative to Facebook that is being funded by online donations, announced Thursday that it was making its code available to developers.

Dell to Expand in Western China

March 17th

In response to rapid growth in Western China, the PC maker is planning a manufacturing, sales and service center in Chengdu in 2011.

R.I.M. Tops Expectations As Sales Rise

_February 17th _

Research In Motion said it shipped 12.1 million BlackBerry smartphones in the second quarter, exceeding analysts’ expectations.

South Korea Sends Food Aid to North

February 17th

A convoy crossed into North Korea on Friday, carrying food to the North for the first time in nearly three years.

Senior Pakistani Politician Killed in Britain

January 17th

Imran Farooq, who sought asylum in Britain 11 years ago, was stabbed to death in London on Thursday. The reason for his killing remained unclear.